Chemical Industries Limited

Chemical Industries Limited

Chemical Industries Limited is the largest and most established chemical manufacturer of cleaning agents on the Island and has been in existence for over three decades.

CIL offers a wide range of products to all the major industries on our Island; Hospitality, Restaurants, Automotive, Health, Food Processing, Water Treatment to name a few.

In the last decade we have expanded our market into the marine business supplying products and services ably to some of the big names in the cruise industry. We have also created a contract manufacturing division which offers wholesalers and retailers the benefits of quality Barbadian made products at very competitive prices.

As we look to the future, we will continue to build on the pillars that made us successful; commitment to our staff’s development, being flexible so that we can adapt to changing market demands, and embracing the latest technologies available in our industry that will ensure our competitiveness go forward

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Tel:  246 4271747

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