Our Vision

Our Vision

Emanating from the strategic plan 2014-2017:

  • The Chamber will strengthen dialogue with its members and facilitate dialogue among the members motivating change, entrepreneurship and thought-leadership by commentary based on empirical evidence.
  • The Chamber will further assess the needs of its members to identify gaps or opportunities for shifts in support and advocacy. This assessment will serve as the basis for expanding or adding new services.
  • The Chamber will be a participant in all conversations of national importance.
  • The Chamber will emphasize building its discretionary financial resources to invest in providing quality services and securing professional advice and assistance to strengthen its advocacy.
  • The Chamber will review and deepen its existing direct supports and services over time to ensure that they are state-of- the art for working effectively with its stakeholders i.e. members, partners, funders and government.
  •  The Chamber will renew its focus on its Secretariat to ensure that it has the skills required to satisfy its thrust.
  • The Chamber will engage the major private sector investors and include them in dialogue with other stakeholders and the policy makers to effectively advocate at the policy and legislative levels and to fashion a consensus to move forward and bring life to the national social partnership.
  • The Chamber will take a leadership role in working with other private sector organisations to identify and meet the needs of all member businesses. The focus will be to ensure quality across services and increase value for members.
  • The Chamber will explore the feasibility of expanding the organization’s visibility in the community and making greater use of volunteers.