Services Offered

Services Offered

Advocacy – BCCI actively lobbies government for improvements in business facilitation.   As bureaucracy is often a major concern, we continue to work towards reducing wait times and delays in solutions.

Policy Resolution – BCCI seeks clarity on ambiguous policy statements and provides information on the implementation of certain policy regulation.

Business Support & Trade Facilitation – As part of its day to day operations, the BCCI engages in dialogue to resolve issues and impediments affecting its members. Initiatives are made to strengthen and promote greater understanding of issues that impact the business community. BCCI liaises with the Barbados Private Sector Trade Team which advises in areas of trade negotiations.

Representation: The hallmark of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been and continues to be effective representation on a number of fronts for members. Chief among these is the public/private sector social partnership between government, the private sector and the trade union movement where BCCI ensures that the business community’s position is properly articulated.  Quarterly meetings with several government agencies to share and workout specific issues for members is also a feature.

Referrals/Letters of Introduction:
Upon request or as a counterpart collaboration, the BCCI provides letters of referral and/or introduction to business persons travelling within or outside of the region. The Chamber can act as a business reference for its members and/or its partners.

Business to Business Meetings:
BCCI arranges business-to-business meetings with its members and organises the exchange of views and information between like-minded people and organisations.

Matchmaking – Trade Missions:
BCCI undertakes to identify suitable and/or potential customers in identified markets for individuals and companies of varying sizes via its strategic partnerships. This is primarily facilitated via its trade missions.

Networking Opportunities:    
The Chamber offers regular platforms for one on one interface with business people of varying sizes and all walks of life. Networking is facilitated through the following events:

Advertising and Promotional Support:
Powered by our e-blast facility, BCCI uses its database to share information on events and activities hosted by the business community for a nominal fee.

Advertising spaces are also available within the Chamber Biz (BCCI’s Newsletter). For more information on the advertising rates, contact the BCCI at [email protected] or call 434-4750.

There is also the opportunity to promote a company’s product/services at our monthly events by the way of sponsorship. Enquire about our advertising packages for more information, we will be happy to meet and further discuss.

Administrative Support:    
For a nominal fee, BCCI assists small businesses in the construction of appropriate business letters and review proposals, projects etc.

Business Clinics & Enterprise Support:    
BCCI provides guidance to entrepreneurs visiting the Chamber on business start-ups and new ideas in addition to providing an insight into the issues impacting free enterprise and the business community.

The Chamber Connector – the BCCI will facilitate connections between immigrant entrepreneurs and local businesses to offer advisory, networking and basic research services.

Using its strategic alliances, the BCCI provides viable options to doing business in a very competitive environment.    Align ourselves with appropriate agencies in the advancement of various subject matters for the business community.

Members are kept well informed and educated on all changes in the business world via our monthly luncheons and business seminars/workshops which aim to provide new and emerging operational strategies. Through our Business Forum Meetings we continue to create an environment where members learn new ways of doing business and maximizing their efficiency, while also sharing their experiences and thereby influencing their realm of expertise.