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Good Time Snacks Ltd.

Good Times Snacks Ltd specializes in the manufacture and distribution of quality corn and nut snack products using as many...
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LED WI Inc is the manufacturer of advanced UV-C LED products for commercial use.  They help design, supply and install...
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Cave Shepherd Group of Companies

This local conglomerate business operations dates back to the early 1900s when the flagship retail store was opened for business.  ...
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Williams Industries Inc.

Local grouping specialising in desalination, industrial gases, renewable energy, metals for building industry, steel fabrication
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West Indies Rum Distillery

Distiller of bulk rum and by products
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Tropical Battery

Manufacturer of batteries for motor vehicles
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SMJ Beverages (B’dos) Inc

Manufacturer/distrubtor of aeriated soft drinks - chubby brand
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Purity Bakeries Limited

Baker of breads and pastry - Wonder, purity brand
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Mount Gay Distilleries

Manufacturer of rum and rum products, wine - Mount Gay Brand
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McBride Caribbean Limited

Manufacturer of aerosols, Insecticide Spray and Insect Repellent - Brand BOP,Beep, GO and Super Suretox
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