September 19, 2019

The BCCI is in continuous dialogue with the Customs & Excise Department (CED) and the ASYCUDA World (AW) Project team to bring to their attention the issues, concerns and challenges being experienced by you, our members, during the implementation of ASYCUDA World. Please see below Update #2, with responses from the AW Project team to additional queries and issues raised by members:

Issue #1: Can the Warehouses to be reopened digitally so OS7 opening stocks can be uploaded? 

CED Response: OS7 Opening Stock guidelines can be found on the portal in a news item.  “Ex-Bond Warehouse Procedures”. Warehouses have been transferring and removing stock, recording their transactions and submitting these to Customs.

Issue #2: How can companies apply to process their documents directly without going through a broker?

CED Response: Register the company with Customs. Follow the guidelines on the portal “AW User Notice.”

Issue #3: Is there a portal that references the import requirements attached to each tariff number, e.g. licences. Etc.?

CED Response: We only publish customs information. That information should come from their respective agencies or a single window. 

Issue #4: The carriers are unable to make changes to the cargo details of the ASYCUDA ++ migrated Manifest. In ++, we could change everything but weights and piece counts prior to the entry being written off. Will similar functionality be available in ASYCUDA World? Is the Current restriction a result of migrated ++Manifest?   

CED Response: Amendments are approved by the Ships Report Unit currently located in Shed 4 Bridgetown Port.

Issue #5: (a) I am using a 3rd application to send the xml file. We try to download the other Manifest, but it seems that the server was down.

(b) I am not seeing the funds from our account module from ++ to AW.

(c) Would the payment module use the TIN or VAT number?

CED Response: (a) Use the system directly. It does everything the third application does automatically.

(b) Were you issued a prepayment account password from the FC? Finances including bonds are now managed from within that Department.

(c) The TIN.

Issue #6: Has the previous four-digit password changed? I have not received any new password. 

CED Response: Yes. All passwords would have been changed. Please contact the FC.

Issue # 7: Is the CED aware of reports that persons have been waiting for an officer to come after a two-weeks wait and that demurrage charges are mounting. 

CED Response: Have these reports been formally reported to the Supervisors or Comptroller?

Usually you address the Chief Examiner Officer/Customs Officer 1 directly with a request for a meeting via an appointment or a telephone call. If you are not satisfied you go to the Assistant Comptroller, then to the Deputy then Comptroller. This is following the chain of command.

Alternately you can write to the Comptroller ([email protected]) who will action it at the level he deems appropriate.

All complaints/concerns should be appropriately documented to allow for a proper investigation to take place.

Issue #8: Can Customs give us permission to transfer goods to the duty-free shops at the Airport on a permission basis? For the past three weeks we are holding order in excess of $80.000.00 for these three Airport shops and is unable to deliver. Barbados is losing valuable foreign exchange as a result of this closure. 

Shipments coming through by Air Freight, seems to be still using ASYCUDA ++ as the Rotation/Manifest number is being accepted by ASYCUDA Globe. This delay in getting shipments out, is creating heavy storage charges daily, are we getting a waiver of these charges, as this delay is not from our side, but due to issues with Asycuda Globe, they are these delays.  I have a major valuable shipment, at the Airport, it has been sitting there since it arrived on the 24th, and that is when the Customs shut down the Asycuda ++ for the change over, and then the extension from 2nd September to the 9th, Monday. Please advise as to whether the Freight Companies would be waving these Charges, and also if Customs would be allowing any temporary measures to have shipments release.

CED Response: ASYCUDA ++ is no longer available therefore this is incorrect.

Waiver of storage freight is at the discretion of the transit shed operators and not Customs. BPI and Customs has an agreement where an application for recommendation of waiver is completed by the Customs Supervisor citing the delay caused by Customs and requesting consideration for a waiver of storage. It is then taken by the importer/broker to the port and if approved storage is waived. I’m not familiar with any such arrangements with other transit sheds. 

We encourage you, our members, to continue to submit your challenges, queries and concerns to the BCCI Secretariat at [email protected] so that we can continue to make representation on your behalf to Customs and the AW Project team.   

Please note that while the BCCI will continue to provide support our members, the CED remains the final authority on all matters relating to the roll-out of ASYCUDA World. Please contact the AW Project Office at Tel: 535-8720; 535-8721; 535-8722; 535-8723 or via email: [email protected] for further clarification on the matters outlined above.