September 12, 2019

The BCCI is in continuous dialogue with the Customs & Excise Department and the ASYCUDA World (AW) Project team with a view to bringing to their attention the issues, concerns and challenges being experienced by our members during the migration from ASYCUDA ++ to ASYCUDA World. In this regard, the BCCI through its Customs & Trade Facilitation Committee has created a communication network via Whatsapp in an effort to have your issues documented and addressed in real-time by Customs and the ASYCUDA World Project team. The Comptroller of Customs has designated a representative from the AW Project team to serve as liaison in responding to the issues, challenges and concerns as they are submitted by you to the BCCI Secretariat.

Please see below Update #1, with responses to some of your queries and issues raised
by members to date:

Issue #1: We would appreciate a clear outline of the steps with which to
follow concerning Exports, such as:
• Processing Shipping Documents: Commercial Invoice &
Certificate of Origin and Stamping of Shipping Documents by

CED Response: Processing of shipping documents remain relatively the same.
However, those certified documents by BIDC etc. can be scanned
and attached to the assessed declaration in addition to being sent
as physical copies to accompany export shipments. The newly
created Ships Report Unit is located in Shed 4 of the Bridgetown
Port and they will inspect and validate all export documentation.

• Completion of Entry/Declaration
CED Response: All declarations are to be completed electronically in ASYCUDA
World. Green declarations require no Customs intervention and
shipments are released immediately after selectivity. Yellow
declarations receive an electronic documentary check only. Red
declarations require a comprehensive documentary check and
physical examination.

• Uploading copies of Shipping Documents to Declaration
CED Response: Shipping documents are to be completed, scanned and uploaded
until the IMO and government single windows take effect.

• Submission of Declaration & attachments via email to Customs
CED Response: All declarations and attachments are to be uploaded to ASYCUDA
World. There is a scanned document manual available on the

• Approval of Declaration via email from Customs
CED Response: All declarations can be tracked on the portal via a document tracker
where you enter the Customs number to see how it is progressing
through the system. Approvals are automatically sent to the
Declarant via ASYCUDA mail.

Issue #2: What is the anticipated approval/assessment time via email? Is
there an option for rush shipments? What documents are required
to accompany cargo into Air or Seaports (along with the Export
Declaration Form).

CED Response: There is no assessment time via email. We are currently monitoring
the processes with the purpose of developing practical KPIs etc. It
is difficult at this time to put a time on any process as we are moving
through a learning curve with new measures to help improve our
clearance times and communication with the public.
Rush shipments at this time are still accommodated via the Chief
Examiner or CO1 of the requisite section. It is a practice to
accommodate and expedite legitimate shipments when need be.
The types of documents are dependent on the nature of the
shipment, country of destination, certification that may be requested

Issue #3: Consignees require Original Customs Stamped Shipping
Documents. At which point is Customs stamping the Commercial
Invoice & Certificate of Origin for the Consignee to clear their

CED Response: Original documents will be certified when the export shipment has
been presented to Customs Ships Report Unit that the request may
be physically verified.

Issue #4: Is a digital copy of the 2017 Tariff available? To prepare XML for
OS7 only the correct tariff number can be entered and it involves
thousands of line items for some companies.

CED Response: No, the tariff is not digitally available as yet. You will have to reach
out to the Ministry of Finance in that regard. However, the tariff can
be accessed online directly from the portal or within the ASYCUDA
World application.

Issue #5: Do you have any manifests for use in training server?

CED Response: Yes, there are some available. It can be placed on the portal

We encourage you, our members, to continue to submit your challenges, queries and
concerns to the BCCI Secretariat at  so that we can continue
to make representation on your behalf to Customs and the ASYCUDA World Project

While the BCCI will continue to provide support to our members, the CED remains the final
authority on all matters relating to the roll-out of ASYCUDA World. As such, please contact
the AW Project Office at Tel: 535-8720; 535-8721; 535-8722; 535-8723 Email:
[email protected] for any further clarification on the matters outlined above.