ACCA & BCCI Risk Management For SMEs Webinar

ACCA & BCCI Risk Management For SMEs Webinar

August 13, 2020
The BCCI is pleased to partner with ACCA to present a webinar on Risk Management for SMEs: building resiliency and business continuity in times of crisis.


About the webinar
In order to minimize risk, it is crucial that small and medium sized enterprises prepare for future uncertainty and remain agile in times of crisis.  The ongoing Covid-19 situation has demonstrated that. This joint ACCA and BCCI webinar will bring together expert panelists who will share their insights and expertise in order to help support SMEs build their resiliency with business continuity plans in times of crisis.  The panelists will share practical insights on how SMEs can respond to issues and minimize risks surrounding Covid-19, including ensuring continuity of operations and services, protecting the health of staff and customers, managing supply chain shortages, dealing with investment issues, and more.  The panel will also discuss areas of opportunity for SMEs.

Date:   Wednesday 19 August, 2020
Time: 12.00 – 1.30 PM AST


  • Andrew Brathwaite, audit partner KPMG Barbados and IFAC SMP Advisory Group member
  • George Willie, managing partner Bert Smith & Co. and IFAC SMP Advisory Group member
  • David Simpson, founder and managing director Prestige Accounting Inc.

Moderator: Dev Ramnarine, ACCA USA Advocate of the Year, partner at CPA by Choice and founding partner at Thrudheim LLC.

This webinar is free to attend.

Participants will be eligible to earn 1.5 credit hours of ACCA CPD and NASBA CPE.  For more information on the continuing education credits, please visit