TRBI Lighting Project

TRBI Lighting Project

November 4, 2015

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) in association with its partners gathered briefly for a soft launch and tour to celebrate the lighting of the Bridgetown area; a significant milestone reached through the Revitalization of Bridgetown Initiative (TRBI).
TRBI’s primary goal is to develop projects and activities to protect and grow the existing 1400 businesses and 7000 employees; and to provide an environment for new job and entrepreneurial opportunities. This will further the overarching goal to transform Bridgetown into a 24 hour city of diversity, to expand Bridgetown’s economic base and promote international competitiveness.
The lighting launch was held on Tuesday, 3rd November, 2015 at 6:30 pm on Tudor Street; where a number of senior officials representing Barbados’ Government, sponsors, supporters, suppliers and the BCCI had a firsthand experience of witnessing the streets being lit well after traditional business hours.
Kudos must be given to all of the private companies that bought into the TRBI’s vision and hence invested in the lighting project. The improved lighting is expected to alleviate security concerns within the Bridgetown area, as identified by the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF); and have a positive economic impact on retail, food and beverage, entertainment and cultural sub-sectors after regular business hours.
Executive Director-BCCI, Lisa Gale also commended the Ministry of Finance for its foresight in 2011, to open up the Special Projects Facility as a means of incentivising businesses who contribute to the TRBI Project. This is facilitated under section 12E of the Income Tax Act.  Since 2008, the BCCI has launched several projects aimed at revitalising the city. These included, school projects, showroom competitions, beautification, Thursday Night Live, Fridays in the City, collaborations with the NCF and the Ministry of Tourism, and the famous Duty Free Day, among others.
LED lights have been installed on private buildings within the UNESCO World Heritage Site and this has been made possible by sole supplier, Caribbean LED Lighting. The streets which have been lit span just under 40 regularly travelled streets and will also cover alleys in the City.
The Chamber wishes to thank its main sponsor FLOW; as well as the CIBC FCIB, Standard Distributors, ABED’s, Chancery Chambers, Courts Barbados, Sagicor, the NCC, Republic Bank, First Citizens, Scotia Bank, Massy Group, Cave Shepherd, RBC, Colonnade Mall, KFC, Terra Caribbean, ICBL, Royal Shop, Ayub Kola & Company and GEED for coming their sponsorship.
The project does not end here, it is envisaged that Bridgetown and its Historic Garrison area will be fully lit, encouraging pedestrian traffic and other social activity, and overall creating a safer and more pleasant City thereby reaching its goal of a more diverse city.