Red Diamond Compost Inc.

Red Diamond Compost Inc.

Red Diamond Compost Inc. is a biotech social enterprise that has developed an innovative bioconversion process to convert organic waste materials and invasive plant species such as the Sargassum seaweed which has been plaguing the region for the past several years into clean and green agrochemical solutions. We create fertilizers, biostimulants, soil amendments and other agrochemicals designed to support the fragile microbes responsible for building soil structure,  increase nutrient and water retention, storing organic soil carbon, cycling nutrients to plants, and are safe for protecting pollinating insects

In addition, we also provide educational content on the best regenerative practices through, eBooks, online courses, workshops and through other mediums as well. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to clean nutrient-rich foods, to regenerate and revitalize their health as we transform the agrochemical industry into a circular economy.

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Red Diamond Compost, delivering natures finest organic and biologic soil treatment and crop protection solutions to bring you living super soils.