Our Team

Our Team

BCCI Council

Mrs. Trisha Tannis – President
Mr. Anthony Branker- Senior Vice President
Mrs. Betty Brathwaite – Vice President – Finance
Mr. James Clarke – Vice President
Mr. Sanjay Amin – BCQS International
Mr. Andy Armstrong – Armstrong Agencies Ltd.
Mrs. Ronaele Dathrone-Bayrd- PwC
Mr. John Gilvarry – Digicel
Mr. Patrick Hinkson – Sagicor General
Mr. Rolph Philips – Consolidated Finance Co. Ltd
Mrs. Vidia Woods – Hanschell Inniss
Mr. Mauricio Nicholls – Rubis Caribbean
Mr. Andrew Bynoe -Aone Supermarkets
Mr. Norman Barrow- A&B Music Supplies Ltd
Mr. Andy Armstrong – Armstrong Agencies Ltd.
Mrs. Simona Watkis – NCB Capital Markets Barbados
Mrs. Alison Browne-Ellis – Cave Shepherd Group of Companies
Mr. Ezra Prescod- Immediate Past President

BCCI Secretariat

Mrs. Misha Lobban Clarke – Executive Director
Mrs. Eudene Wright – Senior Accounting Officer
Ms. Akilah Phillips – Administrative Assistant
Ms. Yvonne Cox – Office Attendant

BCCI Committees and Chairs

The Green Committee
Mr. Andy Armstrong
Legal Affairs Committee
Mrs. Mary Mahabir
Retail and Distribution Committee
Mr. Andrew Bynoe
Customs and Trade Facilitation Committee
Mr. Lalu Vaswani
Marketing & Communication Committee
Mrs. Carolyn Shepherd
Disaster Risk Reduction Committee
Mr. Gregory Rose
Smart Cities Committee
Mr. Eddy Abed
Digital Societies Committee
Mrs. Susan Boyea