Lisa Gale to Demit Office

Lisa Gale to Demit Office

January 11, 2017

After seven years at the helm of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Executive Director Lisa Gale will be leaving the organisation. The experienced Economist, Tutor and Trade Policy Advisor with nearly a decade of experience in advising government on international trade policy took up the post in January 2010 and became the first female to hold that position in the 191 year old institution. Lisa deems her experience as Executive Director at the BCCI to be ‘extremely rewarding’ citing that she has learnt a great deal during her tenure in the multidisciplinary role of Executive Director. Lisa served as a Senior Economist with the Foreign Trade Division in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade before taking up that post.

Lisa has assisted the BCCI’s efforts to advance private sector interests aimed at business facilitation, represented at Social Partnership meetings, led advocacy efforts, maintained membership representation, and interfaced with government officials. Lisa has also represented Barbados at various meetings abroad as a private sector official in North, Central and Latin America and the Caribbean.

Gale, who demits office on 31st March, 2017 is lauded for the several stakeholder relationships which have been fostered under her stewardship including the University of the West Indies, the Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce and the Florida based – Barbados American Chamber of Commerce among others. Mrs. Gale served on various private sector, non-governmental and state boards including the IDB’s Civil Society Advisory Council – CONSOC as Country Chairperson, chairing two of BCCI’s key committees namely, the Trade and Economic Policy Committee, and the Business Facilitation Committee.

BCCI has confirmed that during this time there is no doubt that the visibility of the Chamber was enhanced, there is a better understanding of policy issues, private sector issues were properly articulated, stronger ties among the stakeholder groups were forged and greater communication with and between members was realised. In addition, BCCI has witnessed increased membership, swifter resolution to issues raised, heightened policy awareness and a more consistent and attractive events calendar.

President Eddy Abed thanked Lisa for her leadership and stewardship exhibited while she worked at the Chamber and has joined the BCCI Council in wishing her every success in her future endeavors.

Thirty-nine-year-old Gale has indicated that she will be entering the world of Entrepreneurship as the next phase in her professional career. Lisa holds a BSc. in Economics and History, a diploma in Regional Trade, a Masters in International Trade Policy, a certificate in Mediation and is a Chartered Director. She has various passions and will be sure to put her diverse skills to work.