BCCI Week of Activities – Business at 50 and Beyond

BCCI Week of Activities – Business at 50 and Beyond

November 16, 2016

In celebrating independence, we at the BCCI have adopted our own celebrations.

During a specially crafted Week of Activities. We will be celebrating and reflecting on the theme Business at 50 & Beyond.

Church Service -Sunday 20th November 2016
We will start the week off with a thanksgiving service at the nearby Restoration Ministries International Church from Sunday 20th 2016. In this morning of prayer and worship we hope to give thanks for our independence and celebrate 50 years of business and beyond! We invite our members and partners to join us on this occasion.

Open Day – Monday 21st November 2016
We continue the week with an Open Day where we hope to showcase the Secretariat and shed some light to our visitors and partners on what a day in the life of the BCCI looks like. We wish to have a reflection on 5 key areas. Our Council, our staff, our membership, our services and answer any queries our visitors might have. 191 years ago this organisation started and we have a lot to talk about — our history.

School Visits – the World of Work – Tuesday 22nd November, 2016
We will be visiting three nearby schools (Graydon Sealy Secondary, the St. Michael School and Lockerbie College) to discuss with 5th and 6th formers about the World of Work. We also have a segment called Let’s Talk Business where children can field any questions they might wish.

Monthly Business Luncheon – Wednesday 23rd November, 2016
We have slated the Honourable Mia Mottley Q.C. M. P., Leader of the Opposition to address us on the topic of our theme ‘Business at 50 and Beyond’. Ms. Mottley has become a staple in November for the BCCI so we expect her to bring down our luncheon curtain in her usual eloquent and informative style. It is expected that we would highlight the contribution of businesses celebrating their golden anniversary. From our membership, we are aware of Barbados Dairy Industries and Hilton Barbados Resort who fall into this category.

Mix n Mingle – Thursday 24th November, 2016
On this occasion we are bringing our mingle series to the newly renovated Cave Shepherd who will also be our sponsor for the evening. Persons are expected to converge on this 110 year old business house which is steeped in rich history far beyond 50 years.

We felt that a week would not be complete without some form of charity so we reached out to another nearby institution. The Executive Council agreed that the Geriatric Hospital would be the beneficiary given their role in the social landscape of Barbados and their proximity to the BCCI’s Braemar Court building.

Members, associates, stakeholders and the public are encouraged to come out to support our various activities and to take the opportunity to learn a bit more on who we are and what we do.