BCCI Update re Essential Food Supply During 24-hour Curfew

BCCI Update re Essential Food Supply During 24-hour Curfew

April 7, 2020

Further to the statement announced by Acting Prime Minister, the Hon. Santia Bradshaw M.P., today (April 7, 2020), persons  are asked to please note that the following retail outlets will be providing Barbadians with access to essential food supplies effective tomorrow, April 8, 2020 for the 24-hour curfew period:

  • Popular Supermarket
  • People’s Market
  • Aone Supermarket
  • Massy Stores
  • Jordan’s Supermarket
  • PriceSmart
  • Cost-U-Less
  • Clifton Martket
  • Eddies Supermarket
  • Trimart/Channel
  • Hanschell Inniss

This new shopping regime which takes effect tomorrow is based on extensive consultation between the Government, the Barbados Private Sector Association (BPSA) and the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

This new arrangement will run for the duration of the current curfew period, and will be strictly enforced to ensure that the protocols that have been put in place across the country to halt the spread of the COVID-19 will not be compromised.  However, as announced by Acting Prime Minister Bradshaw, this will be subject to constant review, and if necessary, alteration, given the fluidity of the circumstances and the ongoing COVID-19 response.

We urge you to please note the following key points under this new arrangement:

  • From 9 a.m. tomorrow 08 April 2020, persons in urgent need of groceries will be able to order them from supermarkets through a number of options. HOWEVER, THERE WILL BE NO IN-SUPERMARKET SHOPPING. 
  • Supermarkets and shops will be open only on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday during this week.
  • Orders will be taken by the individual participating supermarkets via websites, telephone call-in, WhatsApp or email.
    • Payment for these orders will be accepted through cash, debit or credit cards.
    • All persons ordering groceries in this manner will have the option to collect their groceries in person, through curbside vehicle pickup, or home delivery.
    • Where shoppers choose to pick up their orders in person, they will be given specific collection times to reduce the risk of large gatherings that would contravene the requirement for physical distancing.
  • For persons whose circumstances do not lend to telephone or online ordering. Some  supermarkets have made special provision to accommodate such persons. Persons will be able to pay for and collect pre-packaged baskets that would have been already prepared by the operators Shoppers will be able to see a list of items in each basket ahead of placing and paying for their orders on site.These baskets will be in values of $25, $50, $100 and $150 with the contents determined by the individual retailers, based on their examination of the shopping patterns of their customers.
  • All shoppers when placing walk-up orders for the pre-packaged baskets or collecting telephone or online orders will be required to observe physical distancing rules of a minimum of six feet behind the person in front of them.
  • Each retailer will issue their individual notices with further details regarding their opening hours and services via on their respective websites and social media pages.

The Government and its partners, the Barbados Private Sector Association and the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recognise that this walk up approach will not necessarily facilitate the personal taste or brand choices, or even the shopping volumes to which each individual or household might have become accustomed. However, it is hoped that persons will appreciate that the primary mission  is to ensure everyone has an adequate supply of what they need, while keeping the country safe by containing the spread of COVID-19.

We take this opportunity to continue to encourage all Barbadians to continue to follow the rules and advice from the health authorities to keep safe and to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.