BCCI Elects its Fifty-Fifth President & New Council

BCCI Elects its Fifty-Fifth President & New Council

June 4, 2018

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) is pleased to announce that after the proceedings of the 192nd Annual General Meeting (AGM), Mr. Edward Clarke was elected as the 55th President of the BCCI.

Mr. Edward Clarke is currently the Executive Vice President and General Manager, Barbados Operations at Sagicor Life Inc and has served the BCCI for the past six years. Most recently, he performed the role of Senior Vice President, BCCI from 2016 to 2018.

Having received the mantle from Mr. Eddy Abed, Mr. Clarke has signaled his intentions to focus on the following key areas during his tenure:
• The revitalization and growth of our economy;
• Full participation in a revitalized and effective Social Partnership;
• BCCI to have an oversight role in ensuring that there is strong fiscal management in effect in the public sector;
• Provision of support to the Government on the ease of doing business in Barbados;
• Liaise with the Government to develop a more transparent procurement process in the public sector to ensure there is an even playing field for all;
• The Chamber is of the view that the public should be able to do business with Government and the Private Sector on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis;
• Cooperation with other regional and international chambers to create trade and investment opportunities for our members and to share best practices; and
• Advocacy of behalf of the BCCI Members

The BCCI is also pleased to advise that the 192nd AGM elected its Council to serve for the period of 2018 – 2019. The newly elect Council will be as follows:
Mr. Edward Clarke (President, BCCI) – Sagicor Life Inc.
Mr. Ezra Prescod (Senior Vice President, BCCI) – Sol Barbados Ltd
Mrs. Joan Brathwaite (Vice President – Finance, BCCI) – Deloitte
Mrs. Alison Browne – Ellis (Vice President, BCCI) – Cave Shepherd & Co. Ltd
Mr. Norman Barrow – A&B Music Supplies Ltd
Mr. Andrew Bynoe – Aone Supermarkets
Mr. Juan Bedoya – Arawak Cement Co. Ltd
Mr. Sanjay Amin – BCQS International
Mr. Jenson Sylvester – C&W Business
Mr. Jim Reid – Caribbean LED Lighting Inc.
Mr. Rolf Philips – Consolidated Finance Co. Ltd
Mr. David Smith – Massy Distribution Barbados
Mr. Randy Graham – Massy United Insurance
Mr. Mauricio Nicholls – Rubis Caribbean
Mr. James Clarke – TMR Sales & Service Ltd
Mrs. Trisha Tannis – Unicomer (Barbados) Ltd
Mr. Eddy Abed – (Immediate Past President) – S. Abed & Co. Ltd

BCCI’s Secretariat extends its congratulations to the newly elected board and looks forward to working together to represent the members of BCCI and by extension be the trusted voice of the business community of Barbados.

(Inset – Left back row to right: Mr. Jenson Sylvester, Mr. Randy Graham, Mr. Norman Barrow, Mr. Juan Bedoya, Mr. David Smith, Mrs. Trisha Tannis, Mr. James Clarke. Left front row to right: Mr. Jim Reid, Mrs. Joan Brathwaite, Mr. Edward Clarke, Mrs. Alison Browne-Ellis, Mr. Ezra Prescod and Mr. Eddy Abed. Missing: Mr. Sanjay Amin, Mr. Andrew Bynoe, Mr. Mauricio Nicholls and Mr. Rolph Phillips)