Our Team

Our Team

BCCI Council

Mr. Eddy Abed – President
Mr. Edward Clarke – Senior Vice President
Mrs. Betty Brathwaite – Vice President – Finance
Mr. Ezra Prescod – Vice President
Mr. Sanjay Amin – BCQS
Mr. Anthony Branker – Massy Barbados
Mrs. Alison Browne Ellis – Duty Free Caribbean
Mr. Mark Hassell – Eric Hassell Shipping
Mr. Oliver Jordan – PwC
Mr. Randy Graham – Massy Group
Mr. Mauricio Nicholls – Rubis Caribbean
Mrs. Louisa Lewis-Ward -KPMG
Mr. Norman Barrow- A&B Music Supplies
Mr. Jim Reid – Caribbean LED Lighting
Mr. Manuel Toro – TCL Group

BCCI Secretariat

Mr. Carlos Wharton -Executive Director
Ms. Carol Charles – Business Development Officer
Mrs. Eudene Wright – Senior Accounting Officer
Ms. Natalie Dyall – Marketing Coordinator
Ms. Alicia Simmons – Administrative Assistant
Ms. Yvonne Cox – Office Attendant

BCCI Committees and Chairs

Business Facilitation Committee
Mrs. Lisa Gale
Green Committee
Mr. Jim Reid
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee
Mark Hassell
Legal Affairs Committee
Mrs. Mary Mahabir
Marketing, Social & Community Committee
Mr. Conor Looney
Retail and Distribution Committee
Mr. Anthony Branker
The Revitalisation of Bridgetown Initiative (TRBI)
Mr. Lalu Vaswani
Trade and Economic Policy Committee
Mr. Ezra Prescod
Business Emergency Operating Centre (BEOC)